A book that I read.
So I want to share a testimony of transformation, i read this one book written by a elderly 👨🏽‍🦳Pastor, and he said my biggest regret is that I spend so much time in vanity’s, reading books, watching TV, playing Football, attending cinemas. I could have achieved much more in my ministry if these vanity’s didn’t hold me back. He wrote that he regretted that he didn’t pray for being blessed with wisdom, getting open doors in ministry and sharing the gospel. That he didn’t visit that much sick people. He regretted that he didn’t sing and learn worship Songs. He regretted that he didn’t share the Gospel that much. So he regretted wasted time which could be used for developing yourself as a Christian disciple. And I said myself it’s really a great book I don’t want to repeat these mistakes. I acknowledge that I have the same problems as this Pastor. And I repented and since then I have been more blessed, I have gotten revelations from the God’s word, dreams. You know I became a vessel for Jesus Christ, when I left the world and it’s riches behind. These worldly riches used to choke the God’s word inside of me. We can read the Bible but have no time to live it. I hope it will encourage someone here